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The Tale of ISNtii

The International Society for Neurosurgical Technology and instruments invention (ISNTii)” was Founded by Professor Sugita and other 25 Giant neurosurgeons who are not only interested in invention and innovation but they have made instruments and equipment which are widely used in daily neurosurgical practice. He personally chose the founding members and invited them to join the society.

The society had two clear aims which are” First to create a forum where the inventors can discuss their new ideas safely under confidentiality agreements’ roles. Second to find the ways and means to support young neuro researchers to develop ne instrument, equipment. Systems and programs. Therefore, Prof. Sugita insisted to make this society as closed society and the membership is by invitation not by application. Prof. Sugita wrote inviting the founders of the society:

Prof. K. Sugita

“ In this society we should not discuss what we did, or what we are doing, but we should discuss only what we plan to do or should do in order to improve the patient’s care and reduce patient’s suffering”

K. Sugita, the invitation letter, January 24, 1994.

The progress of ISNTii through the years

ISNTii went through 4 distinguished phases since 1994 till today (27 years), which are:

First phase (1992-1994)- Preparatory and foundation phase ( Prof. K. Sugita)


Second Stage (1995-1999)- Launching, announcement and structure the society phase (Prof. S. Kobayashi)


Third Stage (2000-2018)- Global collaboration with industry and legal regulators ( Prof. A. Rhoton)


Fourth Stage (Since 2018 till today) Reviving and new horizons of memberships and activities (Prof. André Grotenhuis)



First Board meeting

The first Board was held after Prof. Sugita passed away and meet in November 1994 in Nagoya, Japan, The Board was:

President: Dr. S. Kobayashi

Honorary President: Dr. MG. Yasergil

Treasurer: Dr. M Chibya

Secretary: Dr. Ahmed Ammar

Decisions of the first Board meeting:

The name of the society is International society for instrument inventors (ISNII)

Membership is by invitation only. It is a closed international society for inventors.

The first scientific meeting will be held in Nagoya in 1995.

A scientific meeting should be hold every 2 years, so next one will be held in Germany in 1997.

The bylaws of the society should be written and discussed in the founders’ meeting.

The list of the scientific meetings

The first scientific meeting was held in 1995, Chaired by: Dr. Kobayashi

Nagoya 1995, The first scientific and founder meeting; From Right, Professors Hashimoto. S. Kobayashi, J. Ausman, L. Malis and K. Sano

The Second Scientific and Founder meeting was held in Berlin, Germany in 1997

The founder meeting in Belrin, 1997. Sitting from right L Mails, MH Yasergil, M Brook and K Sano Standing from right S. Kobayashi, Chibiya and A Ammar

The third scientific meeting and founder meeting was held in Las Vegas in 1999. Prof. Rhoton was The president

in Left Photo – Dr. O Al Mafety and A. Ammar   |   in Right Photo – Prof A Rhoton

The fourth Scientific Meeting was held in Proserpine, Australia in September 2003

Dr. Dr Leigh Atkinson  (Australia) The president of 2003 meeting

The fourth meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010

The third phase of the society

The Board and founders met in San Francisco in 1999 and made these decisions:

Prof. Rhoton was elected as president of the Society

The name of the society will be changed  to “International Society for Neurosurgical Technology and instrument invention” – ISNTii

The bylaws was approved and the society should be legally and officially registered in USA or Belgium.

The very last meeting with late Prof Rhoton in December 2015 to discuss how to revive the society Dr A Rhoton passe away in Gainesville, Florida, USA on February 21, 2016

ISNTii has not been active for few years since the last meeting in2010 for several reasons. The Bylaws of the society was subjected to many changes. It has not been finally approved.

The society has not been registered anywhere. Several small meetings between the members of the society were held in different occasions.

Careful and honest audit for the performance of the society was made to find the best way to revive the society.

The Fourth stage of the society has been started in April 20, 2018.

Several meetings have been held in Venice, Dubai, Cairo and Amsterdam in order to revive the society

The strength and weakness points of our society were identified and clear objectives have been set up. In April 20 Prof. André Grotenhuis  called for a meeting in Amsterdam to put a solid plan to revive the society.

April 20, 2018 meeting in a restaurant in Amsterdam to finalize the reviving plans
(Andre Grotenhuis, Angelois Kolias, Iris Tan and Ahmed Ammar)

The decision of that meeting were:

  1. To create an acting board and designate the duties and tasks
  2. To Finalize the Bylaws
  3. To seek legal advice
  4. To register the society in a suitable country (Switzerland/ Belgium)
  5. Hold the 6TH ISNTii Conference in 2019 to announce the revival of the society

The Acting Board is formed of:

Honorary President

Prof. Shigeaki Kobayashi


Prof. André Grotenhuis

Vice President

Prof. Francesco Tomasello

General Secretary

Prof. Ahmed Ammar


Dr. Iris Tan

Education & Outreach Office

Prof. Angelos Kolias

Scientific Research Office

Prof. Vladimir Beneš

Technology Development Office

Prof. Kazuhiro Hongo

International Liaison Office

Prof. Miguel Arráez

Communications & Public Service:

Mrs. Lidia Franconeri

Board Members at Large:

Prof. Isabelle Germano

Board Mrmber at large

Prof. Yoko Kato

Board member at large

Prof. Fady Charbel

A remarkable progress have been made, the board has meet frequently and the Bylaws was changed and approved

The society was officially registered in Brussels, Belgium, as an educational, scientific non-profitable society / registration number 717.932.434 / dated 10 January 2019


From 2019 ISNTii became an open medical educational non-profitable society. Our missions, visions and values are


The mission

“The Society aims to support the development, evaluation and dissemination of new technologies and instruments for the treatment of patients with disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves”.

The vision

“Improvement of neurosurgical healthcare through new neurosurgical technology and instrument invention. “

The values

“Educational and Scientific values, Integrity, Dedication, Commitment, Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity, Social and human Responsibility”



Therefore, such decision were made and the board worked hard to achieve:

  1. Establish network of communication with components of global health care services, neurosurgeons, medical students and researchers.
  1. Creating ways and means for supporting and sustaining the career development and innovations among the neurosurgeons and medical students.
  1. Promoting and popularizing the culture of innovation, research and science.
  1. Establish platform of cooperation with industry for development of Technology

Regarding the membership it was decided to open it for the neurosurgeons, surgeons, reserchers or students who are genuinely interested in research and innovation. These roles were made to open the membership but under restricted criteria.


The prospective member should have a proven interest in the mission of the society by fulfilling one (or more) of these criteria:

  1. Interest in medical and surgical innovation and invention
  2. Hold patent/s
  3. Preformed scientific research in the field of medical innovation and inventions and technology development.
  4. Published new technical methods or leading articles.
  5. Interest in marketing
  6. International communication abilities
  7. Ability to organize meeting and conferences

The board should approve any application unanimously.

The first Seminar to announce the Inaugural of the society was held on December 10, 2020, unfortunately we could not meet face to face  because of COVID=19 Pandemic.

The International Neurosurgical Society for Technology and Instruments’ Invention-ISNTii, is a small unique society formed by Neurosurgery giants in order to enhance the sprit and culture of invention and innovation.

It is a forum where new and  good  ideas may be created in order to reduce patient’s suffering.

It is the forum where inventors may sit face to face with the manufacture company under healthy and confidential agreement “closed ideas incubation forum”.