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Why should you join ISNTii?

The main objectives and tasks of ISNTii


1. The society is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.


2. The International Society for Technology and instrument invention serves all neurosurgeons anywhere in the world, as well all medical and surgical staff, and medical scientists, faculty members, paramedical staff, and Medical and surgical industrial companies who wish to cooperate with the society and observe the roles and values of the society.


3. Through building intellectual and collaborative infrastructure, the Society supports the associational life that fosters scholarly work about innovation, teaching, learning and improves the patient’s care.


3. Establishing “closed ideas incubation forum” to discuss the ideas and development freely under full confidentiality. This forum is open for everyone , member or not member at any time , all year around, to ask to hold meeting to discuss confidentially the new idea/s and receive advices.


3.i. Promoting interdisciplinary workshops and research to create synergy and to prompt new lines of inquiry.


3.ii. Facilitating the collaboration of scholars in different countries and the flow of new findings and applications across national boundaries.


3.iii. Encouraging the integration of discovery, learning, and public engagement.


3.iv. Advocating for support, review, recognition, and appropriate uses of the scholarship of medical innovation research, teaching and learning.


While these are the primary purposes and goals of the society, the Society is authorized to undertake any activity which is legal for a nonprofit corporation in order to achieve the visions, strategic plans and goals of ISNTii.


4. ISNTii is legally and officially registered in Brussels, Belgium, as a Medical Educational Scientific Non-profitable Society. Registration number 717.932.434 . dated 10 January 2019.